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When ground water enters the basement of a commercial building, it can cause hazardous conditions to form. When

standing water remains stagnant and is not addressed, it can cause mold and other microbes to form. When this happens to form in the basement of a commercial building, the stakes become much higher due to more occupants that could be affected, and more surface area that could be damaged. Standing water within the basement of a commercial building must immediately be addressed and a professional restoration company called.

Tidy Clean Restoration has the experience it takes to mitigate standing water in the basement of your commercial building.  Our team is fully certified by the IICRC and the technicians we send understand how to properly extract the area quickly and effectively. When done correctly, water extraction can remove up to 99% of standing water- preventing mold for colonizing and spreading to other areas of the building.

How Standing Water Can Develop

Regardless how standing water is formed in the basements of commercial buildings, you need to hire a professional to assist in the proper removal. Below are examples of how standing water can form:

Cracks in the foundation: When cracks occur in the foundation of a structure, it causes groundwater to easily accumulate in the basement area. Groundwater can accumulate from heavy rains, backed up sewer lines or leaking sprinkler systems. Groundwater should not be confused with clean water. In fact, groundwater is considered dirty and could possibly be hazardous. When the water mixes with outside factors such as grease, oil, fuel or chemicals, it can cause the standing water in your basement to be considered hazardous and dangerous to the health of your occupants.

Broken water lines: The most common of water damage and standing water, broken water lines can cause a large amount of damage. When these lines break, thousands of gallons of water can settle at the lowest point of the structure, which tends to be the basement. When you choose Tidy Clean Restoration to handle your basement water extraction, we can pump out large volumes of water in a short period of time.

Failed Boiler or Chiller Systems: Most chiller and boiler systems are found in the basement of commercial buildings. If one of these large systems fail, it can cause the circulation of water to have nowhere to go. Depending on the condition of the chiller or boiler, it can cause pooling of water near the pumps and areas of the equipment. If this occurs on a large scale, water extraction services will be necessary to properly clean the space.

Commercial Emergency Preparedness Plan:

For all commercial restoration services, we provide preparedness plans for building owners. This way, before disaster strikes, we can work with maintenance teams or building owners to identify the right water extraction plan for your basement, should the situation arise.

Moisture Damage

Moisture damage, also known as secondary damage, results from water damage that was not cleaned up properly. Moisture that is left to evaporate on its own will saturate the surrounding air first, then move on to absorption of surrounding building materials.  When this occurs, secondary damage such as sagging of drywall, vinyl flooring releasing from the subfloor, mold spores starting to colonize and buckling of hardwoods can become present. At times, moisture damage can cause an even heftier bill than the water extraction process. All of this can be prevented if you take the proper measures on the front end to extract and dry affected areas as soon as they are identified.

Choose Tidy Clean Restoration

Tidy Clean Restoration can handle any type of commercial basement water extraction project!  Certified by the IICRC, our firm is licensed, bonded and insured.  We have the ability to respond quickly and wil start to extract any standing water in your basement upon arrival. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! We realize that extracting standing water in a commercial building is much more labor intensive than in a residential home, and requires different methods. It take more time and since the space is larger and requires more technician support. When you choose Tidy Clean Restoration, we will send out the right talent that suits your needs each and every time!

Tidy Clean Restoration covers the Mankato, MN and surrounding areas for your commercial water extraction needs.  Choose a professional company who will stick with you from start to finish.

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