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The carpet in your home is usually the first thing guests see but shows the most wear and tear. Especially if you have kids, pets or other foot traffic, the carpet can absorb dirt, grease, oils, microbes and other particulates. Over time, the additional grime can start to show and cause your carpets to wear prematurely.

It is highly recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. Many times, we see homeowners invest in their own over-the-counter steam cleaners, only to find themselves with dirtier carpets than they had originally. Why is that? How do professional carpet cleaning companies get homeowner’s carpets looking good as new and stay that way?

Much of the answer is in the types of cleaning solutions that are used. Many cleaning solutions that you can pick up on your own are highly concentrated and leave a heavy residue on your carpets. The more residue left behind, the greater risk of wicking and those areas attracting even more dirt and grime. If you are looking to clean your carpets call Tidy Clean to help! Not only will we clean your carpets and help make them look good as new, but our cleaning products will prevent wicking and residue problems that other carpet cleaning companies leave behind. Certified by the IICRC, we have the proper equipment and cleaning solutions to attack dirt, grime and moisture, leaving your carpets cleaner than ever! When you choose Tidy Clean, you can have the confidence that it will be done correctly the first time!

Proper Care of Your Carpet

Manufacturers highly recommend that you take proper measures to maintain your carpet in order to keep it looking new and fresh for a long period of time. Following these simple steps can help you save your investment and keep your carpets looking new.

  • Vacuuming on a regular basis: According to the IICRC, 79% of the grime and dirt present in a carpet is dry. The good news is you can vacuum most of the dirt, grime and soil with a simple vacuum cleaner. If you want to make sure the particulates and dust do not spread around the house when you vacuum, choose a cleaner that has a HEPA filter inside. This way, you can capture 99.97% of all particulates .03 microns and higher. Especially for households with occupants who have allergies, a HEPA vacuum cleaner is a great way to go.
  • Spot Cleaning & Removal: You cannot avoid the occasional spill. You have to live in your home, and carpets are designed to take a bit of a beating. If you can catch the spill when it happens, then simply do some spot cleaning to remove the stain. The faster you address the spill, the greater chance you can prevent an ugly stain.
  • Change the traffic in your home by moving furniture: Many people forget they can get creative and move the furniture around. Did you know this actually helps preserve your carpets? So many people simply place their furniture in one spot and leaving it there for years. This causes areas of the carpet to get worn down and other areas to become preserved. When you change up the location of the furniture, it helps even out the amount of traffic on all areas of the carpet – thus preserving it a longer period of time.
  • Place mats at various entrances: Carpet can act as a filter at times and will soak up any dirt or soil that comes its way. By placing a mat at each entrance of your home, you can capture much of the dirt coming in from the outside. This way, the mats take the brunt of the damage, not your carpet.

Choose Tidy Clean

When you call Tidy Clean, you can be assured that your carpets will look as good as new! We use many different carpet cleaning techniques and will adjust our approached based upon your particular needs.

  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Encapsulation Cleaning
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Precondition Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning

We will send an IICRC certified technician to take an assessment of the condition of your carpet and develop a specific plan to meet the needs of your home. Our technicians will make sure that your carpets are sparkling and clean before we leave. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means we will only use the best solutions to prevent wicking and left over residue.

Tidy Clean covers the Mankato, MN and surrounding areas for your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

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