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All carpet manufacturers agree that in order to keep carpets looking fresh and new, they must be vacuumed and cleaned on a consistent basis. According to the IICRC, 79% of the soil in a carpet is dry. Much of the soil can be vacuumed using a basic vacuum cleaner. However, in your business you experience a large amount of foot traffic. Employees, visitors, vendors and the occasional pet all track in dirt, dust and particulates from the outside.

Did you realize that your carpet acts like a filter? It absorbs and traps all kinds of particulates that can destroy the life span of the carpet. In order to keep your carpet looking fresh and new you need to have it professionally cleaned. There are many companies out there that advertise carpet cleaning services, however Tidy Clean Restoration are EXPERTS in commercial carpet cleaning. We have adopted several different approaches that can fully clean your carpets in as little time as possible. Since there are thousands of different carpet fibers and various manufacturers, we understand that each commercial facility is different, and we modify our services to meet your unique needs.

Preventative Carpet Care

  • Consistent Vacuuming
  • Clean soiled areas separately using spot removal techniques
  • Use of mats to capture dirt at doorways and high traffic areas
  • Prevent matting by re-arranging furniture

Types of cleaning methods

When you choose Tidy Clean Restoration for your commercial carpet cleaning, we will provide you a specialized cleaning experience, leaving your carpets looking good as new. Below are a few techniques we utilize:

  • Hot Water Extraction: Used as a deep cleaning method and safe for all carpet types, we will introduce this method when dry times are not as urgent and we need to remove deep soils and stains. With the utilization of water temperature and truck mounted extraction units, we can provide a deep clean to your commercial carpets.
  • Encapsulation Cleaning: When dry times are more urgent, we will utilize encapsulation techniques to crystallize dirt, soils and grime and remove stains using a vacuum cleaner. Using only the highest rated and safe products, these chemicals crystallize around dirt and grime, allowing the soil to break away from the fiber in the carpet. We use this method in commercial buildings where foot traffic is constant and need faster dry times.
  • Bonnet Cleaning: For short-pilled carpets, the bonnet cleaning method is the most preferred. Using a rotary tool and pads soaked in carpet solution, the rotary agitation helps break away dirt and grime. Very effective for short carpets, we would not use this technique for long-pilled or thick carpets due to the possibility of dirt and grime being pushed down into the lower parts of the carpet. However, on short carpets, we have found this method works great.
  • Precondition Cleaning: In certain cases, we recommend a pre-condition and rinse strategy for highly soiled areas. The pre-condition solution gets to work immediately helping to break down hard to remove soils and dirt. We recommend using this technique on heavily trafficked areas where grease, oil and grime are present.
  • Dry Cleaning: In areas of high humidity, or buildings where there is constant traffic, dry carpet cleaning methods are optimal. With the use of dry cleaning granules or foam, our technicians will apply the product, use our specialized tools to agitate and pick up soils, stains, odors and dirt, and vacuum up the rest. This way, you are left with a dry, odor-free and clean carpet.

Choose Tidy Clean Restoration

In order to properly take care of your carpets and keeping them looking new for a long period of time, you need to have them professionally cleaned. Certified by the IICRC in Carpet Cleaning, we have invested in the different tools and technologies to address the best cleaning method to your carpet. We make sure we hire only the best talent who understand the different carpet cleaning processes and techniques.

When you give us a call, we will send a certified technician to your location to evaluate your space. He will look at the type of carpet, the manufacturer and different fibers present in order to develop the most optimal cleaning plan available. He will then make recommendations on which type of cleaning we will execute. Once all parties agree, we will get to work cleaning your carpets to make them look fresh and new.

Tidy Clean Restoration covers the Mankato, MN and surrounding areas for your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

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