Commercial Air Purification

Did you know that the World Health Organization ranks indoor air pollution as the leading environmental health problem? A vast majority of our population works indoors 8 hours a day, then sits in their homes for the remainder. In fact, it is estimated that average person spends 90% of their day indoors. Needless to say, if your building does not have the proper indoor air ventilation or air quality, you could be exposing your employees to major health risks.

Tidy Clean Restoration has invested in the right tools and equipment to keep your building safe. We are trained to understand the signs and symptoms of a building with poor indoor air quality, and know the right ways to remediate the situation.

Servicing the Mankato, MN, Southern Minnesota and Twin Cities areas for over 19 years, our goal is to provide your building a safe and healthy working environment. We take pride in our work and the services we provide. Our reputation has been built upon a vast network of satisfied customers, great partner relationships and teamwork between our staff and clients.

Importance of Indoor Air Quality

indoor air qualityAs a building manager, you want to be aware of the quality of your indoor environment because it can dramatically impact the health of your occupants. Pollutants present in the environment can be spread throughout the building through the HVAC systems. These pollutants can cause illness, and these health impacts can reduce the productivity of your occupants or employees.

Even the most well-run buildings can have periodic issues which can easily be corrected. When you work with a trained professional, we can identify the source of the pollutants and install technology to prevent pollutants from becoming a problem in the future.

Factors that Affect Indoor Air Quality

best services for air qualityThere are several factors that can affect the indoor air quality of your building. If you work with one of our trained professionals, we will audit the following:

  • HVAC design
  • Maintenance and current operation of building ventilation systems
  • Types of pollutants present in the building
  • Current moisture and humidity levels

The best thing you can do when addressing your indoor air quality is to identify the source of the pollutants, take measures to dilute and remove those pollutants, and install filtration systems to protect the building from future pollutants. When you address all three of these areas, you are well on your way to maintaining an acceptable quality of air within your building.

Choose Tidy Clean Restoration

services for air qualityIf you are concerned about the air quality of your commercial building, give Tidy Clean Restoration a call for your free indoor air quality audit. This way a trained professional from our staff can take a look at your specific situation, and make recommendations based upon your building’s individual factors.

If you would like to speak with one of our representatives, you can call us at 507-344-1742 and we will set up an acceptable time to come out to your building and assess the indoor air quality. If you are looking to hire a team of professionals for carpet cleaning, choose Tidy Clean Restoration.

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