Commercial Floor Care

In order to keep your commercial grade floors in top-notch shape, you need to understand the proper use and care. Since manufacturers use all types of materials, there simply is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You need to adhere to certain standards for each material type, whether it is vinyl, marble, travertine, hardwood, carpet, or manufactured flooring. In addition, certain cleaning methods are used depending on high traffic or low traffic areas, type of material and the manufacturer of the flooring.

If you feel that your commercial floors have been neglected, or have just invested a large sum of money for new flooring, and want to keep your floors in good shape, you need to bring in a professional company for help.

Tidy Clean has been professionally cleaning floors for over 19 years and understand the nuances of commercial floor cleaning, no matter the type of material. Everyday use can cause your flooring to look dirty, dingy and old. However, with the right cleaning techniques, we can keep your floors looking vibrant, fresh and new.

Types of Cleaning Methods

Tidy Clean is well versed in all types of cleaning methods, however below is a list of the most commonly used for commercial cleaning:

cleaning servicesHot Water Extraction: One of the most common and highly recommended areas of floor cleaning, we have invested in the tools, cleaning solutions and equipment to leave your floors looking good as new! When using this method, the hot water pulls out the hard-to-reach dirt, grime and stains. The tools then are able to fully extract the grime, which will give your flooring a new look. This is all done with gentle cleaning solutions, so that you do not have to worry about color bleeding, fading or damage to your floor.

quality cleaning servicesRotary Cleaning: For our hardwood flooring, gentle rotary brushes are an effective way to get results. Our team takes pride in using only the safest and best tools to clean your floors. The rotary brush assists in lifting dirt, grime and stains out of the floor, so that the sweeper can lift and scrub the dirt away.

dry cleaning servicesDry Powder Method: For carpet, a great method to use is the dry powder method. Here, the environmentally friendly, cleaning powders are sprinkled onto your carpet. The crystals then adhere to any dirt, stains or grime present. Once the crystallization process has occurred, the dirt is swept away using a standard vacuum cleaner or truck mounted extraction unit.

Choose Tidy Clean

If you are looking to hire a team of professionals to keep your commercial carpets clean, choose Tidy Clean Restoration. We have been servicing the Mankato, MN, and Southern Minnesota areas for over 26 years. In doing so, we have built a solid reputation in the area as a company that offers high quality, strives for 100% customer satisfaction, and provides a fast response.

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