Construction Cleanup

You are completing renovations to improve the look of the space. What many people forget is that renovation work generates massive amounts of dust, debris and particulates. More businesses are investing in renovations and additions to their buildings, which require a crew to handle the post-clean up services! There is much to consider when handling the cleanup of a construction site. When you choose a professional company to handle the cleanup for you, make sure they address all of the areas of your property- not just the most obvious.

Tidy Clean Restoration is a professional restoration company that can handle your post construction clean up needs. Whether you did a renovation in your home, or put on an addition to your building, we have the experience it takes to fully clean your space. We only hire the most experienced technicians to ensure that the project is done correctly. If you pick up the phone to call Tidy Clean Restoration, we will make sure all affected areas are addressed – keeping your property looking good as new.

Our Service Guarantee

At Tidy Clean Restoration, we understand that every job is different and requires a customized approach. We will never offer you a one-size-fits all service because each circumstance has its own set of unique needs. When you choose Tidy Clean Restoration, you can be assured that we will address the following areas:

Floor Cleaning: During the construction process, most of the dust will settle on the floor. Dust can also settle in the small cracks and crevices of the floor, which need to be addressed as well. Tidy Clean Restoration has invested in the most technologically advanced equipment to scrub and sweep all of the dust, dirt and grime. When handling your construction cleanup project, we will leave the floors looking shiny and new.

Carpet Cleaning & Extraction: Our crew of technicians understand that carpet can act as a filter for construction dust and be very difficult to remove from the fibers. When we clean the carpets, we do much more than a simple pass of a vacuum cleaner. We address dust and particulates using a vacuum with a HEPA filter and will do multiple passes in order to capture all of the dust and particulates.

Dust removal from all surfaces: As dust is created from the construction process, dust will tend to settle on any exposed surface. Another area our technicians address are the surfaces of the home. We will clean everything such as, baseboards, countertops, cabinets, trim and more. If there is a surface, our team will make sure it is clean and sanitized.

Post construction window cleaning: Many construction cleaning companies do not address the windows of the structure the way Tidy Clean Restoration can. Our technicians are fully equipped to remove and dust and debris that has settled on the windows. This includes paint, construction dust and drywall particulates. Not only do we address the interior windows but we have the capabilities to clean the exterior windows as well. This factor alone sets us apart from much of our competition.

Tidy Clean Restoration Post Construction Cleanup Process

When you choose Tidy Clean Restoration, you can be assured that we will send a team of experienced professionals to handle any sized construction clean up job. We will conduct an evaluation of the property first in order to get a good idea of what needs to be completed. Once a plan is established we get to work to create a sparkling, new space. Our process for your post-construction cleanup is listed below.

  • Pre-evaluation of space
  • Post-Construction cleanup plan is communicated
  • Technicians clean every surface
  • Technicians conduct a deep clean of all floors
  • HEPA air filters are introduced to the environment during the cleaning process
  • Final walk-through with client occurs
  • Approval and sign-off submitted

Choose the Experts

If you are facing a large construction cleanup project, call in the professionals! Tidy Clean Restoration is IICRC certified in many of the cleaning methods such as carpet cleaning, hardwood flooring, tile and grout care, and commercial cleaning. Many of the techniques we use from our IICRC training are applied to our post construction cleaning methods. The benefit to you is a fully cleaned space, free of dust, grime and debris. This way, you can enjoy your renovation or addition dust and grime free!

If you are facing a large cleanup job after a renovation, call Tidy Clean Restoration. We service the Mankato, MN and surrounding metro areas. We provide free estimates and would love to be your point of contact for any construction clean up needs.

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