Flood Water Removal Commercial

One thing in life you can never predict is the weather. High winds and flying debris can cause massive amounts of damage to your commercial building. Not only that, if rain, hail or groundwater can pour into any breakages of the building’s structure in mere minutes. You have a business to run but cannot expose your employees to these hazardous conditions. You need a solution fast!

Tidy Clean Restoration can be your go-to solution to clean up any flood damage that occurs in your commercial property. You do not want to leave the clean-up to anyone. Commercial buildings typically have several floors and water can be extremely damaging to every material it touches- saturating areas that are not even obvious to the naked eye. If you choose a company that is not trained to identify the hidden areas, you could be facing serious amounts of secondary damage, increasing the overall costs of damage.

What Are the Hazards of Floodwater in My Commercial Building?

When floodwater enters the building, you can experience an influx of microbes and other hazardous materials into the environment of your building. Needless to say, exposure to occupants can be critical and quite costly to their health. When storm damage occurs, groundwater mixed with rainwater can blend with fuel, grease, bacteria and chemicals. This hazardous mixture then saturates your building materials, causing them to be ruined and unsalvageable. If the groundwater is not extracted and addressed in a short period of time, mold can begin to colonize and spread throughout the building if not contained properly. This spread is usually done through contaminated HVAC systems. When you choose Tidy Clean Restoration, we will arrive immediately, with the proper tools and sanitization agents to quickly address the issue. Our goal is to return the environment in your building back to a safe and productive workspace. Keeping the health and safety of your occupants front and center.

Tidy Clean Restoration Commitment to Satisfaction

When you pick up the phone to call Tidy Clean Restoration, we will ensure a satisfactory experience. Our first goal is prompt response times. We have dispatchers available every day of the week, ready to take your call. Once we arrive, we follow a three part process to give you the best experience possible.

Evaluation of affected area: Every flood damage situation is different, and not all commercial buildings are the same. This means we have to analyze the situation and develop a unique plan that will fit YOUR needs. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach to flood damage restoration. When we arrive we take into account the unique factors of your situation and develop a plan that fits.

Interaction with Insurance Companies:  We have been around long enough to have established relationships with the Insurance companies in our area. Once you provide a claim number, we will keep in contact with your adjuster; providing them with the proper documentation needed to keep the claims process going smoothly.

State of the art equipment:  We believe that our success depends on the equipment we use. To remain successful, we make sure to stay abreast of the newest technologies and equipment that can help us mitigate and restore your space faster. As technologies improve, we improve along with it!

If your building has experienced flood damage, or you would like to establish an emergency preparedness plan, please give Tidy Clean Restoration a call. Tidy Clean Restoration covers the Mankato, MN and surrounding areas for your water damage restoration needs.

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