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When flooding hits an industrial complex, you need to act fast. Not only is there more electrical equipment present that can present an immediate level of danger, but there is also higher stakes involved. Production lines, inventory, and occupant safety are essential. In addition, OSHA has certain requirements for industrial facilities that need to be honored when dealing with industrial flooding clean up.

The level of expertise that is required for an Industrial flood clean up job should not be left to just anyone. Tidy Clean Restoration understands the various sensitivities of industrial flood clean up and knows how to provide a proper clean up under OSHA guidelines and regulations. If not done correctly, plant owners can be exposed to hefty fines and lawsuits.

Pre – Flood Evaluation Plan for Industrial Facilities

Tidy Clean Restoration offers a free pre-flood evaluation service for industrial facilities. Similar to commercial buildings, we send an experienced professional out to your plant to identify key factors that would be unique to your plant’s industrial clean up in the event of a flood. We take note of the types of equipment, electrical requirements, type of space and outlets where we could park our water extraction units. All of this information is collected and filed in our system so that we can be ready when disaster strikes.

At Tidy Clean Restoration, we hope you will never need to pick up the phone to call us, but emergencies happen. Pumps fail, storms occur and sprinkler systems fail. The more you have planned out on the front end, the less overall damage will occur on the backend. When you allow us to help you with a pre-flood evaluation plan, you can be assured of proper execution if you ever needed us to deploy.

What are the Hazards of Floodwater in My Industrial Facility?

Electrical: High voltage electrical panels are present in most industrial facilities to support the high amperage requirements of the production line equipment. In the event of a flood, there is a greater risk of circuits breaking and power supplies failing. In some cases, this could create massive damage from arc flashes or other types of explosions. If there is floodwater in your facility, it is a hazardous environment, and must be evacuated immediately. The next call would need to be to your maintenance crew or power company to shut off existing power to the main breaker.

Equipment Failures: Much of the equipment used inside industrial facilities are electrically powered. This equipment is especially sensitive to water and could be severely damaged from flooding. Multi-million dollar investments could be wiped-out in an instant. When you choose a professional restoration company to address your industrial flooding situation, make sure you select a company who can navigate industrial facilities. Tidy Clean Restoration understands the risks involved and has extensive experience extracting water and cleaning industrial flood damage losses.

Microbes & Other Hazards: Specifically for industrial facilities, floodwater tends to mix with other hazardous substances present in the area. Grease, oil, fumes and sludge can be mixed into the water present in the facility. This causes a breeding ground for microbes and other hazardous organisms. The presence of these substances can create a dangerous environment for employees or workers within the plant. When you choose Tidy Clean Restoration, we will immediately get to work containing the area and returning the affected area back to pre-loss conditions.

Upon the call to Tidy Clean Restoration, our dispatcher will deploy a team of IICRC certified technicians.  We will arrive immediately, with the proper tools and sanitization agents to quickly return the environment to a safe state.  Keeping the health and safety of the occupants present, we will follow OSHA guidelines and regulations for returning the environment into a safe working space.

Satisfaction is Key

Every flood damage situation is different which means we never adopt a one-size-fits all approach. We will always take time to analyze the unique situation of the plant and develop a strategy that aligns with your needs. When we arrive we take into account the unique factors of your situation and develop a plan aligns with your plant’s goals and OSHA’s standards. Tidy Clean Restoration is committed to your satisfaction and will leave your facility only when the environment is returned to safe conditions.

If your industrial facility has experienced flood damage, or you would like to establish an emergency preparedness plan, please give Tidy Clean Restoration a call. Tidy Clean Restoration covers the Mankato, MN and surrounding areas for your water damage restoration needs.

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