Frozen pipes

In the winter there are many things that can happen to cause damages to your property.  Few things are as annoying as turning on water only to realize that you have a ruptured pipe causing a leak.  It can make a terrible mess.  It can be oh so costly.  It usually means shutting off your water and calling a plumber, almost always resulting in hours, sometimes even days of being without any water. It is amazing just how much damage can occur from water freezing, especially in your piping.

Let’s explore the question: How does water cause a pipe to burst? 

As water freezes, it tends to expand in size and forms into sharp shards or crystals. This action places stress on your pipes. When the ice expands, it increases the water pressure in between the frozen blockage and the water faucet. This uneven pressure often cause of pipes to burst   a good distance from where the frozen blockage actually was.  This is why frozen pipes often lead to a series of complex plumbing repairs.

When water freezes, it has the tendency to expand so, the very act of expansion puts many PSI of undue pressure on the container it is in, whether a bottle, bowl, or your metal or plastic pipes. No matter the tensile strength, length, or diameter of a pipe, freezing water expanding inside them can cause pipes to break. Pipes most frequently freeze when they are exposed to extremely cold (freezing) weather.

These things most likely to freeze are usually   hoses, outdoor supply lines, sprinkler lines, or any water supply lines  installed in unheated areas like garages, attics, basements, or crawl spaces, or under cabinets.   Outside pipes or those pipes that lay against exterior walls of a building with little or no insulation are also in danger of freezing.  Pipes that freeze can be one of the most costly damages that can occur during the winter months.

Many property owners do not realize that A burst pipe can cause damages into the thousands of dollars or more because you not only have to replace the pipe, but you often have other expenses such as ruined walls, floors, carpets and sometimes furnishing like drapes, flooring  or chairs.

Exploding pipes can also cause damage to central air &heating units, water heaters, sprinkler systems, pools, insulation and more.  Preventing this costly problem is so easy, and much cheaper than having to replace pipes and valuable furnishings, or live for an extended amount of time without water.

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