Residential Window Cleaning Services

The most common areas overlooked when cleaning your home are the windows. The gateway to the outside world, you depend upon your windows for sunshine and fresh air. When they are dirty, they can give the interior of your home a drab and dingy look. You spend a lot of time and energy keeping your home up, the last thing you need are dirty windows down-playing your hard work.

From sunrooms, to skylights, we have the tools to make your windows look as good as new! With over 19 years of experience cleaning windows, our clients come back again and again for the simple reason that the results speak for themselves.

Tidy Clean is a full service cleaning company who can take your dirty windows and transform them to let a full spectrum of sunlight shine through. We bring your windows back to how the manufacturer intended- sparkling, clean and bright. Servicing the Mankato, MN and surrounding areas, Tidy Clean has become the go-to cleaning service for residential homes. Licensed, bonded and insured, we only send out the most qualified technicians to get the job done to your satisfaction.

Why Hire a Pro for Window Cleaning?

window cleaning servicesThe most common question we get from our clients initially is, “Why should I invest in window cleaning? Does it really make a difference?” Our answer, and the answer of hundreds of happy previous clients is a resounding yes.

The very first impression that your home makes to visitors is the amount and quality of light in your home. Light can brighten up even the darkest room, and a dirty window can downplay a bright, cheerful room. When your windows are clean, the most amount of light can shine in, adding a clean, brisk and bright look to your home.

In addition, cleaning windows is hard work if you lack the proper tools and expertise. When you choose the right professional, not only are you saving yourself time, but you know it will be done right. This way, you can get back to doing activities that suit you the most. Chances are, window cleaning is not one of them.

Lastly, if you are considering placing your home on the market, having your windows professionally cleaned can help your home show better. Many real estate agents will recommend window cleaning as the first action item on the list since it gives the home a brighter look.

Choose Tidy Clean

window cleaning services teamIf you are thinking of getting your windows cleaned, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to give Tidy Clean a call. Servicing the Mankato, MN and surrounding areas, we have over 19 years of window cleaning services experience.

We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that we will not stop until you are satisfied. Our motto is, “If it’s not right, we will make it right”. We have built our company upon satisfied customers and would love for you to give us a call.

For a free quote or evaluation for window cleaning in your home, please contact us at 507-344-1742. We also offer sewer line repair services.

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