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Water can create massive amounts of damage in a short period of time. A few minutes of water pouring into your home could create thousands of dollars in repair costs. That is why at Tidy Clean, we understand that when unexpected water infiltrates your home, our response time is critical.

Importance of Fast Response Times

There are many factors that will determine the level of damage to your home due to unwanted water. Through our commitment to a quick response, Tidy Clean will be able to ensure the following:

Structural Drying Methods: When we respond quickly, we are able to save the affected building materials through advanced structural drying tools and technologies. Longer response times allow for the water to settle, saturate and damage materials to a point where they are no longer salvageable. Using these advanced methods allow us to dry your home faster and save on rebuild and tear-out costs.

Prevent Mold Growth: Mold thrives on moisture and organic compounds found in building materials. That is why when water damage occurs, if not dried properly, mold can growth relatively quickly. Studies have found that it only takes 24-48 hours for mold spores to begin the colonization process. When you choose Tidy Clean, we will respond quickly, extract standing water, and begin the drying process, well before mold spores can begin colonization.

Protect Property’s Contents: Certain contents in the home such as furniture, clothing, books or rugs can only handle so much water saturation before they are deemed ruined. Tidy Clean will act fast by removing any salvageable contents out of the affected area.

Reduced Mitigation Times: A fast response means that we can address the damage immediately, saving building materials and starting the drying process all at once! When the drying process begins, it usually only takes three days to dry the affected area if building materials do not need to be removed. Once we reach the point where certain parts of the affected area need to be removed, the lead time for full restoration could take weeks. That is why at Tidy Clean, we make sure to arrive quickly in order to save you time, stress and money.

Innovative Tools & Technologies

Not all water damage restoration companies are created equal. There are new and improved technologies and tools in the marketplace that will help dry your affected areas faster, with little need to tear out existing building materials. Sadly, many of the other restoration companies use outdated technologies which will extend your downtime and increase your overall stress. At Tidy Clean, we have adopted the latest technologies and invested in the best equipment to help quickly dry your home – worry free. This means we are able to get in and out in as little time possible.

Equipment & Supplies we stock on every truck:

  • Truck Mounted Water Extraction Units
  • Floor wands
  • Oscillating floor scrubbers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air movers
  • Negative air machines
  • Commercial grade cleaning solutions
  • Pumps
  • More..

New technologies are arriving every day and Tidy Clean is constantly investing in tools that will help dry your affected areas more quickly.

Choosing Tidy Clean

Servicing the Mankato, MN and surrounding areas, Tidy Clean provides the best team of technicians to handle your water damage loss. An IICRC certified firm specializing in Water Damage Restoration, we are committed to fully preserve and protect your home from secondary damage. Our technicians are fully trained to handle each unique water loss in an expert manner, respecting your property along the way.

When choosing Tidy Clean, the only call you need to make to your insurance company is the get a claim number. Our team in the office will be able to handle the claim from start to finish, providing all of the necessary data and reports needed to process your claim. At the end of the day, this means you can move on with your life and attend the more pressing issues, while we handle your water loss quickly and efficiently.

Tidy Clean also has a proven track record of success and satisfied customers, with referrals and testimonials available upon request.  When you choose Tidy Clean against the other restoration companies, you can be satisfied knowing that our team will quickly, but efficiently restore your property to its original condition.

Tidy Clean covers the Mankato, MN and surrounding areas for your water damage restoration needs. Choose a professional company who will stick with you from start to finish.

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